Why do you consider us?

By now you have noticed our Mantra! That's right our focus and simplicity differentiates us. We have been highly successful in the industry for providing the highly motivated learning experience to the community. You can check out our feedback section to know what is the talk in the town. Almost everyone who took classes with us mentioned why we are the best and why they like us

That's right simplicity makes our students to be able to afford the course fee and yet experience the best. Our motto of service is not for making money but we do it because it is our passion to teach and guide our students in the right direction. We focus more on basics rather than drilling students with worksheets

Currently Scheduled Course(s)

Course Start Date End Date Fee
Year long Volunteers 2016-20172016-11-012016-12-31Commitment

Course(s) currently in Session

Course Start Date End Date Fee
Junior ACSL 2016/17(Python)2016-09-072017-05-24$100 per month
Algebra II - Math2016-09-082016-03-27$150 per month
Class Room Division ACSL yr 2016-172016-09-092017-05-24$100 per month
Elementary ACSL2016-09-092017-05-24$100 per month
6 grade TJ/AOS English 2016-09-102016-12-19$150 per month
7 grade TJ/AOS English 2016-09-102017-04-22$150 per month
Junior ACSL 2016/17 (JAVA)2016-09-112017-05-21$100 per month
Intermediate ACSL Division (JAVA)2016-09-112017-05-21$150 per month
3/4 grade Enrichment Math2016-09-122016-12-19$150 per month
5/6 grade Enrichment Math2016-09-142016-12-21$150 per month
AP Computer Science2016-10-022017-04-30$600 one time
Algebra I - Math2017-01-102017-05-23$150 per month
SAT Prep2017-02-112017-04-29$600 one time
Python Programming for Beginners2017-02-142017-04-18$300 one time
Chemistry for High School2017-03-152017-05-25$250 per month
Geometry- Math2017-03-192017-05-21$150 per month
SDET 2017-04-212017-06-30$750 one time
JAVA Job Training2017-04-292017-06-24Commitment