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Quiz on More Applet Features

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1. What reserved word is used to distinguish the instance variables of an object from identically named parameters of a constructor?

A.    this
B.    that
C.    mine
D.    main

2. What is the class that applets are based on?

A.    applet
B.    JApplet
C.    Apple
D.    AWT

3. What class creates a random number generator object?

A.    JApplet
B.    Graphics
C.    Math
D.    Random

4. What is an immutable object?

A.    One that can never be created.
B.    One that once created can never be changed.
C.    One that once created can never be destroyed.
D.    One that can easily be changed by other objects.

5. What is ?

A.    A static final object of class Color that represents the color red.
B.    A constructor of class Color.
C.    A private method of class Color.
D.    An object of class Graphics.

6. What reserved word is used when an instance variable is declared for a class that prevents methods from outside classes from seeing it?

A.    final
B.    int
C.    public
D.    private

7. Does an immutable object have all private methods?

A.    No---it might or might not.
B.    No---if all the methods were private none would ever be called.
C.    Yes---to prevent any outside use of the object.
D.    Yes---that is what makes it immutable

8. What HTML tags are used to show the main, content-containing part of a web page?

A.    <applet>   </applet>
B.    <body>   </body>
C.    <h1>   </h1>
D.    <html>   </html>

9. Which of the following generates an integer in the range 0 to 9 ?

Random randNum = new Random();
int someInt = randNum();
Random randNum = new Random();
int someInt = randNum.nextInt() ;
Random randNum = new Random();
int someInt = Math.abs( randNum.nextInt() )%9
Random randNum = new Random();
int someInt = Math.abs( randNum.nextInt() )%10

10. Can two or more applets appear on the same web page?

A.    No, only one per page.
B.    No, applets can't appear on web pages.
C.    Yes, put them all between <applet> and </applet>
D.    Yes, but there must be <applet> and </applet> for each one.

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