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1. What is it called when a program is written to respond to the button clicks, menu selections, and other actions of the user in whatever order the user does them?

A.    Event-driven programming.
B.    Action-driven programming.
C.    User-driven programming.
D.    Mouse-driven programming

2. The fundamental classes for GUI programming are contained in the:

A.    GUI toolkit
B.    Abstract Windowing Toolkit
C.    Graphics Event Toolkit
D.    Java Enhancement Toolkit

3. The three main parts of a GUI program are:

A.    Windows, Buttons, Mice
B.    GUI Components, Graphics, Code
C.    GUI Components, Event Listeners, Application Code
D.    Frames, Code, Events

4. What is the one component that nearly all GUI programs will have?

A.    Window
B.    Mouse
C.    Monitor
D.    Button

5. What is a container object in GUI programming?

A.    A container is another name for an array or vector.
B.    A container is any class that is made up of other classes.
C.    A container is a primitive variable that contains the actual data.
D.    A container is a GUI component that has other GUI components placed inside of it.

6. When the user clicks on a button, what is generated?

A.    An Event.
B.    A Button object.
C.    A Container
D.    A Listener.

7. What is the name for a method that responds to events?

A.    A container method.
B.    A snoop method.
C.    A listener method.
D.    An application method.

8. What is the parent class of the AWT Component class?

A.    GUI
B.    AWT
C.    Object
D.    Container

9. What is the base class of nearly all Swing classes?

A.    Object
B.    Component
C.    Swing
D.    JComponent

10. What letter do many Swing class names start with?

A.    A
B.    B
C.    J
D.    S

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