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on on Swing Frames

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1. In Java, what do you call an area on the screen that has nice borders and various buttons along the top border?

A.    A window.
B.    A screen.
C.    A box.
D.    A frame.

2. What is the name of the Swing class that is used for frames?

A.    Window
B.    Frame
C.    JFrame
D.    SwingFrame

3. What method sets the size of the displayed JFrame?

A.    setSize( int width, int height)
B.    setSize( int height, int width)
C.    setVisible( int width, int height)
D.    setVisible( int height, int width)

4. The size of a frame on the screen is measured in:

A.    inches
B.    nits
C.    dots
D.    pixels

5. What is a container object in GUI programming?

A.    A container is another name for an array or vector.
B.    A container is any class that is made up of other classes.
C.    A container is a primitive variable that contains the actual data.
D.    A container is an object like a frame that has other GUI components placed inside of it.

6. Fill in the blanks so that this program displays a JFrame:

import java.awt.*;

public class microGUI
  public static void main ( String[] args )
    JFrame frm = new ___________();
    frm.___________( 150, 100 );
    frm.___________( true );

A.    Form, setVisible, setOn
B.    JFrame, setSize, setVisible
C.    Frame, setVisible, setSize
D.    Window, setSize, paint

7. Which of the following sets the frame to 300 pixels wide by 200 high?

A.    frm.setSize( 300, 200 );
B.    frm.setSize( 200, 300 );
C.    frm.paint( 300, 200 );
D.    frm.setVisible( 300, 200 );

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