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1. What three types of software are needed in a complete GUI program

A.    GUI Components, Event Listeners, Application Code
B.    Action Events, Window Objects, Containers
C.    Frames, Windows, Containers
D.    Libraries, Toolkits, Interfaces

2. How is a GUI component (such as a button) placed into a JFrame?

A.    insert( Component c )
B.    add( Component c )
C.    draw( Component c )
D.    put( Component c )

3. What is the Java software that determines how the components of a container are displayed?

A.    Display Manager
B.    Component Manager
C.    Stage Manager
D.    Layout Manager

4. Which manager displays components row-by-row, in the order in which they were added to the Frame?

A.    CardLayout
B.    FlowLayout
C.    GridLayout
D.    BorderLayout

5. What method of a JFrame is used to choose the layout manager?

A.    setLayout()
B.    add()
C.    actionPerformed()
D.    setVisible()

6. What interface must a class implement in order to be a listener for button ActionEvents?

A.    TextListener
B.    Runnable
C.    ActionListener
D.    ImageConsumer

7. What method must be implemented in a listener for button events?

A.    paint()
B.    windowClosing()
C.    addActionListener()
D.    actionPerformed()

8. What method of a content pane changes its color?

A.    setBackground( Color c )
B.    setForeground( Color c )
C.    add()
D.    getBackground()

9. When should your program call repaint()?

A.    Never--that is the system's job.
B.    Only once when the frame is created.
C.    Whenever a change has been made that should result in a new picture.
D.    Always---whenever any method finishes.

10. What method will immediately stop a program?

A.    System.gc()
B.    System.exit( 0 )
C.    System.setErr()
D.    return()

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