AP Computer Science for High School Students

The APCS fundamentals of object-oriented programming course in Java is typically taught in a first-semester college course level. APCS enables student to pursue college-level compuer science study while still in High school.

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AP Computer Science Oct 01, 2017 to May 06, 2018, 10:30 AM-12 noon(Sunday)

Course Prerequisites:
  • The student must have completed foundations of computer science, or must be taking AP computer science this year, or preparing to take the APCS exam in May.
Course Objectives:
  • In this session the students will be introduced to the topics that are necessary for the student to write the AP Computer Science College Board exam in May.
Topics covered:
  • The entire Syllabus of AP Computer Science course will be discussed.
  • Discuss and introduce students to most of the critical topics of APCS
  • Example based orientation session will give you the entire idea about the APCS course.
  • AP Computer Science exam pattern
  • Useful links and exam packets of AP computer science will be taught in detail.
Course Details:
  • Fee: $200 per month
  • Sessions: ongoing
  • Duration of Session:
Additional Information:
This year Computer Science A Exam is on - Tuesday, May 15, 2018 @Afternoon 12 noon