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Security+ Certification BootCamp

Goal of this course is to get you certified.

  • Any High school/College Students
  • Working or Non-working individuals can register

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    Sec+ Certification BootCamp Feb 02, 2020 to Mar 01, 2020, 12noon -2PM(Sunday)

    Course Prerequisites:
    • Who registers for this class MUST sit for the Security+ certification exam at the end of course
    • High school student can also attend this certification preparation
    • A non working or working individual can attend the course
    Course Objectives:
    • Prepare for Security+ exam of CompTIA Board.
    • Length of the Exam: 90 minutes
    • Number of Questions: Maximum of 90 questions
    • Cost of the Exam: $339 USD
    Topics covered:
    CompTIA Security+ is basic beginners security certification.It establishes the core knowledge required of any cybersecurity role and provides path to security jobs. The certification emphasizes on identify the security threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities
    Course Details:
    • Fee: $300 one time
    • Sessions:
    • Duration of Session:
    Additional Information:
    Whoever registers for this course MUST take the sec+ exam in one month