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CHESS LESSONS STARTING from grade 2 and up. These are free classes.

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Course Prerequisites:
  • The student must be grade 2 or up
  • Student must be ensustastic to learn and follow directions
Course Objectives:
  • playing chess improves your memory.
  • Will enable young minds to think logically in head.
Topics covered:
  • Brief introduction of chess and benefits of playing
  • Getting acquainted with the chess board, chess pieces, and the coordinates of squares
  • Learning the objective of the game and how the different pieces move
  • How to capture pieces and special rules such as castling
  • Introduction to tactics, forcing moves, incorrect assumptions, and common mistakes
  • Different ways a chess game drawn and determining if a position is checkmate
Course Details:
  • Fee: FREE
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Class dates:
July 19
July 26
Aug 2
Aug 9
Aug 16