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Python 101-beginners

Python is now the most popular introductory language because it is easy to learn.

Why Python skills are important for cyber security?
Python is essential for ethical hackers, pentesters and cyber security. Programming skills are essential to becoming an effective hacker. Python has important features and pre-built libraries which make it very useful for hacking.

Why Python skills are important for ACSL competitions/DataScience?
Python is great for data analysis, artificial intelligence, and scientific computing.

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Course Prerequisites:
  • Course is for middle and high school beginners in Programming
  • The student must have good understanding of Arithmetic operations & Algebraic expressions,
    Logical approach of problem solving.
Course Objectives:
  • Learn Python programming language basics, syntax.
  • Build programs for a given use case
Topics covered:
  • Python is an easy-to-learn programming language for beginner programmer.
  • Students will learn the Datatype,Variables,Strings,Lists,Python Dictionaries,Tuples
  • Control Statements,Functions,Loops.
  • Python Mathematical Functions, File Handling
Course Details:
  • Fee: $500
  • Sessions: 8
  • Duration of Session: 1.5
Additional Information:
Why you should learn python right now.?
  • Python is Great for Beginners
  • Web Development with Python
  • Python Security
  • Python, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Python Diversity & Flexibility