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One day Scratch Programming-4/5 th grade

There is an increasing need for students, besides professional programmers to have some programming ability. Knowledge of programming concepts can help kids understand how software work. We are teaching Scratch programming to kids which is a fun easy creative graphical tool to learn the coding basics.

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Coding for kids-SCRATCH Jul 13, 2019 to Jul 13, 2019, 1:00 PM-4 PM(Saturday) - Available 6 out of 25 spots

Course Prerequisites:
  • The student must be rising 4/5 grades.
  • Student must bring laptop fully charged
Course Objectives:
  • Scratch is a multimedia tool for simulations and visualizations of animated stories with interactive art and music.
  • This program will enable young minds creativity and give them the environment to create programs using visuals.
  • To become eligible to compete in coding COMPETITIONS.
Topics covered:
  • How to CODE using Scratch
  • Use event-driven visual drag & drop programming method
  • How to animate a sprite
  • Drawing with the Mouse
  • Creating a Color Palette-How to make a color picker
  • Making Cartoons and animations
Course Details:
  • Fee: FREE
  • Sessions:
  • Duration of Session:
Additional Information:
    One day scratch programming
  • Coding ability gives new perspective to problem solving.
  • Learning to code offers career flexibility.
  • Allows to participate in our CompSciPrep's Codingbowl competition