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TJ Computer Science Skip Test 2020

Rising 9th grade students who are interested in going straight to AP Computer Science A plus Data Structures must have 'A' in all high school level math courses taken, even those taken in middle school and score at least 90% on the APCS placement test, and complete CodingBat exercises.

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Course Prerequisites:
  • Student should have completed learning basic Java concepts.
Course Objectives:
  • Classes will prepare the student for the Computer Science Skip test.
  • Thorough understanding of Java classes and requires several hours of practice writing Java programs
Topics covered:
  • Test will be in two parts, a written part and a programming part
  • One hour for the written part(40 pts)
  • Two hours for the programming part(60 pts)
  • Five programming packets plus Computer Number Systems and Boolean Algebra
  • Thorough understanding on Java concepts
  • Use of a class from another class, arrays, and text files
Course Details:
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