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My child attended the SAT January -2019 batch , she took her test in March 2019. We are very happy with her score. I am very confident to say the dedication and the encouragement the teachers and founders of Comsciprep helped my child tremendously. I would very highly recommend this place for classes. This institute does this as a service to the community! Thank you all for your dedication!
Parent/Student from: SAT
Dear all, You had given an opportunity to dwell into very basic professional soft skills in our daily work life, with the two very experienced experts. You also gave great hospitality, networking opportunity. That was very generous. Wish you all the great success, be blessed with more strength to have these kinds of events. Sincerely, Ravi.
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It was great to attend the MasterMind Meet up session. I think its a great idea of having a meet up of people with various backgrounds. Having Industry leaders share their experiences complemented it even more. It was nice to get a gauge on different leadership(s) thought process and their outlook on things. Thank you for the invite! Good luck with upcoming sessions.
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It was a great experience meeting with Dr. Reddy and Mr. Satya. It was really great they shared their real time and real life experiences with examples. That was a very refreshing session and getting to know new people and meeting the Industry Leadership personalities. I really thank CompSciPrep for considering me and extending the invitation. Thanks again and looking forward for more meetups and remain connected.
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Attended Mastermind Meetup (Business Strategy and Leadership) session. From the very beginning both the speakers kept the platform open interactive session. It was great to hear from 2 great personalities. Thanks to CompSci Prep for organizing the session and educating about the leadership
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We have 3 kids who have been attending different classes at CompSciprep for last 3 years. Both Mr. Ravi & Mrs. Uma have been extremely helpful. They are not just teaching the courses but also guiding our kids on the appropriate career paths. Mr. Ravi is an excellent teacher who knows how to connect with his students. He understands his students weak points and works with them on their weakness so they don't feel left out.
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The course is a nice start, but it would be nice to have more things like the battle game that we could try from home to learn for ourselves at home or to practice more later. Also lectures could be more in-depth/visually enhanced
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I came into this class with minimal knowledge of Cyber Security. Throughout this course, I learned to work together with our groups to figure out hard concepts. Mr. Singh is a very good teacher and gave us guidance throughout the course. During the Cyber Patriot competition, we received help from multiple people such as Mr. Gopi and Mr, Akshay. Overall, this is a great course and I recommend it to others. Our team progressed to SemiFinals
Parent/Student from: J29:Java for M/HS,Cyber Security 101,J30:Java for M/HS,SAT for March 2019 Test,Cyber Patriot XI Competition,Sec+ Certification
Cybersecurity was a good class. I had so much fun in this class. Maneet was a good teacher. He made us practice in class with VMimages and websites that helped for the competition. I learned to work together in groups and collaborate. Overall, it is a good learning experience
Parent/Student from: Cyber Patriot XI Competition,SAT for March 2019 Test,J30:Java for M/HS,Sec+ Certification,Cyber Patriot XII,Sec+ Certification BootCamp
The Cyber Security course was very educational. Mr.Maneet was a very good teacher and he really got me even more interested in pursuing a career in cyber security. He was also very patient with all of the students.The Cyber Security course also got me very interested in linux.
Parent/Student from: Information session for ACSL, Cyber Patriot,Cyber Patriot XI Competition

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