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Nearly a year ago, I joined CompSciPrep in hopes of improving my SAT score and I had nothing but a positive experience there. Ms.Uma, Mr.Ravi, Ms.Sredevi, Ms.Debbie, and Ms.Meredith are such dedicated people definitely caring deeply about their students. Their teaching system is great, and every lesson is well thought out and planned. Thank you so much for all your help and support!
Parent/Student from: SAT,college essay
Awesome class ! I have a wonderful learning experience on Java. Mr. Ravi is very dedicated and professional. By giving our best effort and time, it surely is a very Productive class. Highly recommended !
Parent/Student from: Java Job training,Java Job training
Ravi,Thank you for your valuable time and service. Your patience is very much appreciated to handle this wide range of students. Regards,
Parent/Student from: Java for High School ,PHP & MySQL for Adults ,Java Job training
Thank you very much Ravi for introducing me to Java programming! It was a fun and intellectually stimulating experience. Your teaching style made the learning process very engaging and extremely helpful to me. I am very much looking forward to enrolling in Selenium class.
Parent/Student from: Java Job training,SDET
After taking Java class with Ravi, I have great understanding towards all Java concepts. Ravi dedicates great amount of time to make sure each and everyone in the classroom has understood the concept and clarifies any doubt during the class and after class through emails. Surprise quizzes, weekly home works and after class practice sessions enables us to get hands on experience and confidence in tackling difficult problems. I would recommend anyone who wants to learn Java and has experience in coding to take his class. Thank you, Ravi!
Parent/Student from: Java Job training,SDET
Thank you Ravi!! You are the Guru in Java. You are a teacher who devotes a great amount of personal effort and interest for teaching new concepts. Your teachings, techniques & approach to coding brought us a step closer to becoming professional developers in Java. Compsciprep classroom like setup gives University style ambience. The materials, online Java quizzes & problem solving programs are great source for learning. For a person with absolutely no coding background, I now have the confidence to write and understand basic Java codes easily.
Parent/Student from: Java Job training,SDET
I'm enjoying learning JAVA here which is adding to my skill set to get desired job in this job market. Thanks to Mr. Ravi.
Parent/Student from: Java Job training,SDET
I just wanted to let you know that I passed the test and made it into AP Compsci. Thank you so much Mr.Ravi for all your help in preparation for this skip test. I could not have done it without your help.
Parent/Student from: Webdesigning,TJ-CS Skip Test
Dear Mr. Ravi, Thank you for teaching me CS this past year. I was just notified a few minutes ago regarding my placement into AP Computer Science this year at TJ. I am very excited to start in AP! Thank you again.
Parent/Student from: TJ-CS Skip Test
I just wanted to let you know that I was promoted on my job from an Assembly Technician to a Technical Writer last Monday. I was able to achieve this position in a matter of 5 months. It is a full-time salaried position with all benefits. I will be working with the engineering department along with the Quality Assurance for now. And I will have plenty of other opportunities to move up in this industry. Once a QA position opens up, my HR department will let me know about applying. Also it is a great company to work for, has very good potential. I want to THANK YOU Ms.Sridevi and Mr. Ravi for all your patience and hard work that you guys put in for our class. We really appreciate it. God bless your heart for all that you do. I can't really explain how much self confidence I've gained since I've attended the class. You guys are helping us to be able to have a better future for ourselves and our kids - so THANK YOU, THANK YOU & THANK YOU!! Take care and wish us luck!
Parent/Student from: QA Training
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I want to provide my feedback