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Coaching and Development opportunities for High School and College Students

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CompSciPrep LLC, a Math & Computer Science Training and Development Institute, earned the trust in the community within a short span of time that it can provide quality education for a very low cost in a disciplined environment.

CompSciPrep is giving opportunity to high school students to volunteer to help other young students in the community over this summer. If your child is interested to teach the topics that he or she is proficient in any skills, please come forward to make a difference in the community.

Please let us know the details at your earliest convenience so we can plan the classes for you. As recognition of your services CompSciPrep will let the community know through our communication system to make sure that parents know that you are sharing your knowledge back with your fellow students and you will also be recognized for your efforts.

Subjects taught in 2014 Summer

Our classes are of one and half hour duration.

Click here to view all classes offered the Summer 2014 or email if you need further information

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