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How to install and create a java project in eclipse

Step 1:

Use 32 bit if you are on XP otherwise 64 bit.

Step 2: Once it is installed it should show like this. Then double click on eclipse.

Step 3: If it asks for any inputs at any point, just take the default and click okay. You should see a window like this, which we call eclipse IDE.

Step 4: Create a new java project.

Step 5:


Step 6: Please take all defaults after giving the project name.


Step 7:

Step 8: Right click on project and say new class and type the class as below.

Step 9: Then you see HelloWorld class has been created.


Take a look at all the 4 areas described in previous steps. Now inside main method write as below



Step 9: Click on Project menu and click ‘Build All’ and the class has been compiled successfully if you have any errors it will show on the screen. Now click Run menu and say Run As Application then you will see the output in the output window.