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Cyber Patriot

All rounds of competition in CyberPatriot, with the exception of the National Finals Competition, take place online. Teams may compete from any location; many participate at their school, organization, or public library. Competitions take place on specified weekends throughout the school year. Teams must complete all their work during one (1) six consecutive-hour period on the Friday, Saturday, or Sunday of these competition windows. They may only have one instance of an image open at a time.

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COM4: MS Team Cyber Patriot XI Competition Sep 23, 2018 to Apr 24, 2019, 12 Noon-2 PM (Sunday)
COM5:HS Team Cyber Patriot XI Competition Sep 23, 2018 to Apr 21, 2019, 12 Noon-2 PM(Sunday)

Only Grades middle/high school can register for this contest and we will train and send for the competition.
Topics covered:
Learn and solve basic cyber security skills
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  • Fee: $100 per month
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