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Introduction to Cyber Security

Learn the Fundamentals of Cyber security and compete in middle and high school teams for cyber Patriot. We are fully registered for the competitions and we will train and send you for the CyberPatriot Competition. Cyber Patriot-XII COMPETITION (2019-2020) timeline start from May 2019. Taking this course will place the student at the right preparation for the CyberPatriot-XII competitions. This year our teams went to state-rounds.

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Cyber Security 101 Apr 07, 2019 to Jul 28, 2019, 12-2PM(Sunday)

Course Prerequisites:
  • No prior experience necessary in cyber security.
  • A personal laptop
  • Middle and High school students can attend this course. We have both Middle and High schools teams registered.
Course Objectives:
  • Learn the basics of Kali Linux, hacking methodology, tools and resources to perform cyber attacks.
  • Create a mindset and learn to think outside the box to be safe online.
Topics covered:
  • Cyber Ethics
  • Introduction to Linux
  • Information Gathering
  • Foot-printing and Scanning
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Attack vectors
  • Vulnerabilities in applications
Course Details:
  • Fee: $150 per month
  • Sessions: on going
  • Duration of Session: 1.5