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Junior Division-ACSL Classes 2020/21

Junior Division is open to students with some prior programming knowledge. Students between 7 and 9 grades are allowed to compete in this division. Students learn Computer Science topics and programming in Python or Java.

  • We accept students into Java-Junior Division only those who have at least one year of prior programming experience in Java or prior ACSL/All Star experience in Java.

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    Junior ACSL-programming Oct 03, 2020 to May 22, 2021, 2 PM-4PM(Saturday)

    Course Prerequisites:
  • Students who have an exposure to programming should only register.
  • The student must have good understanding of Arithmetic operations, Algebraic expressions,
    Data types and logical approach of problem solving.
    Course Objectives:
    • Learn all the concepts required for ACSL competition.
    • Be comfortable in solving problems using computer Language concepts.
    • Be able to read any basic program and guess the output of the program without actually running.
    • Write solution to programs using Java/Python language
  • Topics covered:
    • Programming flow chart and algorithms
    • Introduction to Java, statement Syntax
    • Data Types
    • Math operators, assignment operators
    • Branches and Loops(If/else, For,while)
    • String Manipulation
    • Representing Words, Numbers, and Values with Variables
    • Arrays-Assigning and Retrieving values from Arrays
    • Using Expressions to Compare Values
    Course Details:
    • Fee: $100 Per Month
    • Sessions: ongoing
    • Duration of Session: 1.5