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Our son took part in the ACSL class at Compsciprep a few years ago. Ravi is an excellent teacher, who was able to provide individual attention to each and every member of the young team. My son personally felt he had learnt a lot and was able to ask questions and go for extra sessions whenever it was needed. If we had to do it all over again, we absolutely would.
Parent/Student from: AP COMPUTER SCIENCE,ACSL-JUNIOR Division Team1,Summer Debate Program,QA Analyst / Tester - IT Job training
Mrs. Debbie has been a wonderful teacher over the past week. She has helped with editing and refining the college essay. my daughter has learned how to structure a proper essay as well as how to edit it . Writing has not always been my daughter's strong suit but this one week camp has definitely improved her writing style and grammar. There was a workshop when a print out was given to everyone in the class and they had to make suggestions for everyone's papers. It was very helpful in finding small mistakes in the writing.
Parent/Student from: J29:Java for M/HS
The class was really helpful! It's much less boring than one would expect because everyone helps everyone else and Mrs. Debbie is really nice and supportive. Just having an essay ready to go and knowing what colleges are looking for makes it so much less stressful to think about.
Parent/Student from: PSAT Classes,SAT Math strategies-exclusive Math,SAT - English and math,College Essay workshop,Cyber Security 101,COM5:HS Team Cyber Patriot XI Competition
I attended the college essay writing workshop with Mrs. Debbie. I've worked with her before for SAT English and AP Lang help. As always, she was a wonderful teacher! She gave honest and down to earth feedback while still maintaining a light and optimistic mood. It really helped me to not get discouraged and to keep at it. I'm happy with my results overall and will definitely be coming back to get more help :)
Parent/Student from: AP COMPUTER SCIENCE,2016 Computer Science Internship-Girls,High School chemistry,Year long Volunteers 2016-2017,English Essentials- Grades 9th and 10th,SAT Prep,SAT,SAT English- Reading Writing Essay,College Essay workshop
It was quite enlightening of an class. Before I had little to no idea of how to properly write a college essay, but after the class, I had a complete essay that I am quite happy with.
Parent/Student from: College Essay workshop
My daughter used to be very afraid of programming and coding and wouldn't even start basic programming. Thanks to Compsciprep for getting her from there to be able to participate in ASCL All Star Jr Division. Ravi is fantastic in keeping the students interested and motivated throughout the year and goes above and beyond in mentoring them. And great support from Sridevi and Uma throughtout. My daughter has been going for the last 2 years for ACSL classroom division, python programming, ACSL Jr Division and we just signed up for "Fundamentals of Java" for summer 2018.
Parent/Student from: Class Room Division ACSL yr 2016-17,Python Programming for Beginners,Jr Acsl 2017/18 in Python,J29:Java for M/HS
Mr. Yeluru helped prepare my girls for ASCL competitions. Topics included Boolean Algebra, Computer number systems, Recursion, graph theory and Data structures. They were able to participate in Nationals 3 years in a row under his guidance. They developed an interest in Computer science thanks to his efforts. We wish him and his family all the very best.
Parent/Student from: Junior ACSL CompSciPrep,ACSL-JUNIOR Division Team1,Free Microsoft Excel Workshop,Junior Division ACSL2016-17 BOTH Teams,TJ-Computer Science Skip test 2016,TJ-Computer Science Skip test 2016
I took the Cyber Security course and highly recommend it. I really liked how the course is very practical as we were exposed to numerous labs and hands-on assignments. The teachers do their best to help you and are very flexible if you don't come to class.
Parent/Student from: Java Programming,Cyber Security 101
The labs we did in class were fun and Mr .Maneet was nice and humorous and answered all our questions. I'm very glad I took this course. I'm thinking about studying cyber security once I graduate high school. Overall, it was a great experience and I wish there were more classes.
Parent/Student from: Info. on Cyber Security ,Cyber Security 101
I really liked this class, because of how minimal the lectures were and how much hands-on there was in the class. I also really enjoyed Mr. Singh's humor and how he could relate with each one of us. He was always with us and he would be right there if we needed any help. I think you should continue to do this, Mr. Singh!
Parent/Student from: Math- Grade 7,Info. on Cyber Security ,Cyber Security 101

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