I took the Cyber Security course and highly recommend it. I really liked how the course is very practical as we were exposed to numerous labs and hands-on assignments. The teachers do their best to help you and are very flexible if you don't come to class.
Parent/Student from: Java Programming,Cyber Security 101
The labs we did in class were fun and Mr .Maneet was nice and humorous and answered all our questions. I'm very glad I took this course. I'm thinking about studying cyber security once I graduate high school. Overall, it was a great experience and I wish there were more classes.
Parent/Student from: Info. on Cyber Security ,Cyber Security 101
I really liked this class, because of how minimal the lectures were and how much hands-on there was in the class. I also really enjoyed Mr. Singh's humor and how he could relate with each one of us. He was always with us and he would be right there if we needed any help. I think you should continue to do this, Mr. Singh!
Parent/Student from: Math- Grade 7,Info. on Cyber Security ,Cyber Security 101
I really enjoyed the class it was interesting. Maneet taught us some good skills to know. I think that more technical homework should be assigned so that we can get practice and not forget. Other than that I learned a lot of new things about cyber security and i hope there is another session after this.
Parent/Student from: J28-Java for M/HS students,Cyber Security 101
I really enjoyed this class as it was very informative and interesting at the same time. While there were lectures, I am glad that there were interactive labs as well because that reinforces what we learn during the lectures. Moreover, Mr. Maneet was good in explaining and made sure that everyone was caught up with the whole class which I appreciated.
Parent/Student from: Cyber Security 101
I enjoyed the class. Mr. Singh has a great grasp of the material and related with the students very well. The information was taught at a good pace and he allowed us room to figure out information ourselves in relation to cyber security. Less lecture and more independence would be appreciated, but all in all a very fun class.
Parent/Student from: Summer Debate Program,J22,Info. on Cyber Security ,Cyber Security 101
The Cyber Security class was really interesting and it was really cool to see what programs and commands hackers and other people in the industry use today. It was also eye-opening to see how many ways one could get hacked and how vulnerable we are on the internet.
Parent/Student from: IOWA Test Prep for grades 5/6,IOWA Test Prep for grades 5/6,IOWA Test Prep for grades 5/6,Cyber Security 101,Cyber Security 101,Cyber Security 101
After taking the Cyber Security class, I was able to learn about many topics and how to do multiple linux commands. It was helpful to learn from Maneet, but sometimes the classes felt very short or we did not have enough time to learn everything. It would be better if the duration of the classes are extended or the time in the class each day is slightly extended. This way I can learn more and Maneet will have time to explain about every application we use and how we can use it in the real world.
Parent/Student from: FREE BASIC Lang. for 6/7/8th gr only,Precalc classes - FREE - Wed 7-8:30 pm & Sat 9-10:30 am,Automation using Selenium and Cucumber,Cyber Security 101
I really liked this class and I learned a lot, but I feel like that we should do the things we learned again for homework to improve our skills.
Parent/Student from: Info. on Cyber Security ,Cyber Security 101
This was class was really fun and it was awesome learning Cybersecurity. I really enjoyed the labs and the in - depth teaching. One thing that would make us remember it better is some homework.
Parent/Student from: Cyber Security 101
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