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Hemasree Yeluru

Junior at TJHSST

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My name is Hemasree Yeluru, and I am a rising Junior at Thomas Jefferson High School. Junior year, I plan to take AP Calculus, AP Psych, AP Economics, and DNA Science. Geometry is one of the most essential classes, and it will follow the student throughout their studies in math. I think the students need a strong base before school starts, to ensure that they learn the topics well. I volunteer at the Children's Science center, which teaches young children basic science, and works with them; so I have experience teaching. I am very excited to be a part of CompSciPrep, and help out around our community!

My academic achievements

  • National Spanish Exam Bronze and Silver Medal Placement Award
  • Relay for Life, Key club
  • JV Debate at WACFLs