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Parshwa Shah

Senior at TJHSST

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I am a talented, outgoing, and hard working student at Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology. My subjects of interest are computer science, mathematics, environmental sciences and chemistry. As technology continues to develop, a thorough understanding of these subjects will be necessary for any engineer. However, of the four, I have the greatest passion for chemistry and computer science and hope to make a career out of them in the future.

While at TJ I competed in the USACO Bronze level computing competition and the USACO Silver level as well. The experience taught me a multitude of skills in computer science and really sparked the enthusiasm that I now have for the subject. The contests required for a participant to solve a specific problem in the allotted time and have the program meet the efficiency and accuracy conditions. Also, last summer I secured a spot to intern at the bioinformatics department at George Mason University. Bioinformatics is a branch of biology that is based on data-processing and using computers to find trends and patterns in genetic information. At my internship, we built a model program and wrote the code to determine which mutated genes would cause cancer and which mutated genes would not have an effect on the bodily system. With the model we constructed, doctors would be able to diagnose how likely an individual would contract cancer years in advance.

I have also actively participated Model United Nations. At the 2010 PWMUN conference I received an honorable award (comparable to 3rd or 4th place) and at the 2011 CHMUN conference I received a verbal (comparable to 5th or 6th place). I also played a vital role in facilitating TECHMUN, an annual MUN conference held at TJ.

On both my Math Level 2 SAT subject test and Chemistry SAT subject test, I scored a perfect 800. I also earned a five (highest possible) on the AP Computer Science exam.

My academic achievements

  • Fluent in Java and I have taken AP Computer Science at TJ, which has considerably more rigorous computer science courses than most base schools.
  • Last summer I held an internship in the bio-informatics branch at GMU. The project I worked on depended entirely on Java, thus giving me more exposure to the language than most students that have taken AP computer science and allowed me to apply the language in real world situations. I was also exposed to a new environment allowing the transition to a new environment in the future to come with ease rather than frustration.
  • Over the summer last year I also developed a few android apps in a programming environment called Eclipse. Although the apps I developed were fairly basic, it shows my genuine interest in the field. It also helped me gain more exposure to Java.
  • I competed in the Bronze and Silver level USACO competitions in my freshman and sophomore year.
  • Scored a five (highest possible) on the AP Computer Science exam.

I am teaching.....

During this 2012 summer, I will be teaching Chemistry topics. If you are interested please register here or email if you need further information


  • --Atomic Structure, Elemental Properties, The Periodic Table, Intro to periodic trend
  • --Naming of Compounds, Equation Writing, reactions, stoichiometry
  • --VSEPR Theory, Lewis Structures, Bonding
  • --Gas Laws, kinetics
  • --Thermodynamics, equilibrium
  • --Acid Base Reactions, Oxidation Reduction Reactions/Electrochemistry
    Pre-requisite: Any student taking Chemistry subject in September can attend these classes