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Prateesh Sharma

Senior at James Madison High school

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I am an active member in the Model United Nations club and have won many awards including the prestigious gavel. I have acquired speaking skills and leadership qualities through this club. This year I was the captain of James Madison High school’s Junior Varsity soccer team and this helped me become a better leader and taught me how to communicate with people in a more effective manner.

I have participated in the Science Olympiad program this year and received a first place regionals medal for Optics as well as a 3rd place states medal for Genetics. Science Olympiad was a great way to incorporate my math and science skills in a fun and enjoyable way. I also received 3rd place honors in my entire school for my science fair project. This project taught me many skills including how to become more precise and the entire experience helped me learn how to manage my time effectively.

My academic achievements

  • 1st place at Virginia Science Olympiad(VASO) regional competition in Optics
  • 3rd place at Virginia Science Olympiad(VASO) states competition in Genetics and Heredity
  • 3rd place in the school wide science fair
  • Best Delegation and Gavel winner at Chantilly Model United Nations(CHMUN)
  • Honorable Mention at George Mason University Model United Nations(MASUN)
  • Verbal Commendation at Thomas Jefferson High School (TECHMUN)
  • Education Officer of the Model United Nations Club
  • Member of the National Spanish Honor Society
  • Caption of J.V. Soccer Team at James Madison High School
  • President of the Madison Ping Pong club
  • I am a rising Junior at James Madison High School and have been involved in many clubs. I am very interested in Math and Science and participate in programs that involve using both of these subjects together. I enjoy computer science, and have taken AP computer science in my sophomore year.
  • I enjoy programming and solving all types of problems through programming. I have learned programming languages such as Java, HTML, Javascript, PHP and MYSQL.
  • My freshmen year classes consisted of Biology, Algebra 2, English, World History, Physical Education, Spanish 2 and Computer Science. My sophomore year classes consist of AP World History, AP Computer Science, Pre-calculus, Chemistry, Physical Education, English and Spanish 3. I enjoy playing soccer, ping pong, basketball and debating.

I am teaching.....

During this 2012 summer, I will be teaching Chemistry topics. If you are interested please register here or email if you need further information


  • --Atomic Structure, Elemental Properties, The Periodic Table, Intro to periodic trend
  • --Naming of Compounds, Equation Writing, reactions, stoichiometry
  • --VSEPR Theory, Lewis Structures, Bonding
  • --Gas Laws, kinetics
  • --Thermodynamics, equilibrium
  • --Acid Base Reactions, Oxidation Reduction Reactions/Electrochemistry
    Pre-requisite: Any student taking Chemistry subject in September can attend these classes