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Shreya Punya

Sophomore at TJHSST

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My name is Shreya Punya, and I am a rising sophomore at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology and currently have a GPA of over 4.3. During freshmen year, I took Biology, English, and Computer Science (Honors). I also enrolled in Algebra 2 (Honors) and received an overall A grade. I plan on taking three AP courses next year. I am an independent worker who is strong-willed, dedicated, and diligent. I work well under pressure and cooperate well with others.

My academic achievements

  • Through school, I have learnt good studying and teaching techniques. I have learnt to work both independently and with a group cooperatively. Time management is another important skill I have acquired. I am able to properly grasp information quickly and thoroughly, as well as explain the information to another student in need of assistance.
  • I am qualified to teach by being part of a peer-tutoring program as well as just helping students around school. I have volunteered at the library, SSVT kitchen, Youth fest, and in many school events that have given my both communication skills and good work ethics. I have worked as a bank teller in my school’s BB&T branch. Twice, I worked with me friends at the cashier of Great Clips to get a feel for a work environment and experience working with customers.
  • I have been on a Swim Team, learnt dance for 8 years, had tennis lessons, figure skating lessons, and competed in a volleyball team. I am CPR certified and have babysat numerous kids to know how to take care of children. My past opportunities have given me a proper background to be part of the CompSciPrep Internship/Volunteering Program.

I am teaching...

During this 2012 summer, I will be teaching Pre-Algebra topics. If you are interested please register here or email if you need further information

Algebra I

  • --Expressions, PEMDAS, properties, solving single and multi-step equations
  • --Solving Inequalities; relations and functions; coordinate plane; domain and range
  • --linear equations(y-intercept, point slope, parallel, perpendicular, horizontal, and vertical lines)
  • --systems of equations (graphing, substitution, and elimination)
  • --polynomials (exponent laws, adding, subtracting, and dividing) and factoring
  • --Data Analysis mean, median, mode,

Pre-requisite: Any student who will be taking Algebra1 in coming academic year can register for these classes