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Shreya Punya

Senior at TJHSST

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My name is Shreya Punya, and I am a rising senior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. Junior year, I took AP Statistics, AP Calculus, AP Computer Science, DNA Sciences, and Robotics Systems. Two years ago, I taught an Algebra 1 class at CompSciPrep. I currently participate in Kids Are Scientists Too!, a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching science concepts through experimentation to elementary school students. I also work at Kumon teaching Math and English to kids of all ages. I am a handworker and very dedicated to my work. This summer, I am currently interning in George Mason University in the Biodefense Department. Next year, I plan to work in the Biotechnology Lab in our schools for my independent senior research project. I will also be taking Cryptography and Mobile App Development next year.

My academic achievements

  • AP Scholar with Honor Award
  • National Spanish Exam Gold Medal Placement Award
  • FBLA Lettering Award of Achievement
  • Junior Chair of National Honor Society
  • Accounting Chair of Relay for Life
  • Treasurer of Active Science Alliance