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Sidharth Verma

Junior at TJHSST

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I am a rising junior at Thomas Jefferson High School. My favorite subjects are geography, chemistry,and computer science. In 2009 I won the Virginia National Geographic Bee and had a flag flown in my honor at the Virginia Capitol in Richmond by delgate Tom Rust. The washington post ran an article on me and I was featured on Fox News and WTOP radio in 2009 for my National Geographic achievement. In high school, I am a member of the TJ Quizbowl club. Our team recently won the Virginia Scholastic Bowl State Championship. We also won two local tournaments and won second place in another. I am an officer elect of the Quiz Bowl club for next year and will be the webmaster for the club's website. I am also a member of the TJ Computer Team which participates in ACSL and USACO curriculum.

This year I took AP Chemistry and AP Computer Science after taking Chemistry 1 summer of 2011. Next year(in my 11th grade) I will be taking Artificial Intelligence, AP Physics, BC Calculus, AP US History, and will be self-studying AP Micro/Macroeconomics and AP Human Geography. I will be following up my interests in geography and computer science by going deeper into Geographic Information Systems(GIS) and GIS/GPS modeling

My academic achievements

  • Virginia State Champion of National Geopgraphic Bee 2009.
  • President’s Education Award for Outstanding Academic
  • Technology Exploration 8 Award in 2010 for outstanding achievement
  • Public speaking Award in 2009-2010 for Junior Toastmasters
  • Science Award in 2010 for outstanding perfomance in 8th grade science
  • American Computer Science League 2010-2011 certification for 'Frosh 'Puter Team'

I am teaching.....

During this 2012 summer, I will be teaching Chemistry topics. If you are interested please register here or email if you need further information


  • --Atomic Structure, Elemental Properties, The Periodic Table, Intro to periodic trend
  • --Naming of Compounds, Equation Writing, reactions, stoichiometry
  • --VSEPR Theory, Lewis Structures, Bonding
  • --Gas Laws, kinetics
  • --Thermodynamics, equilibrium
  • --Acid Base Reactions, Oxidation Reduction Reactions/Electrochemistry
    Pre-requisite: Any student taking Chemistry subject in September can attend these classes