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Sravan Yeluru

Junior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

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I am a easy-going, talented student in the areas of medicine as well as mathematical modeling. I have a passion for connecting the two, as the community shall see in my two hour session. I am a gold medal recipient of the National Spanish Exam, finishing within the top 3% of the entire United States. I was one of 6 selected out of the entire TJHSST for attending a 4 day camp at The United States Naval Academy, a program that is highly prestigious because of its relations to the government and the Naval Program in the Military. I was selected for this superb experience after my successful accomplishments of my science fair project which concentrated on the Nervous Systems of various animals and their receptors in the Gulf and their relations after the oil spill.

After the school wide science fair, I continued to a state wide science fair at the University of Richmond for 4 days, and then finally coming to the National Consortium for Specialized Secondary Schools of Math Science and Technology at the Naval Academy where TJ continued its reign over the sciences.

Preceding the multitude of science fairs, I was extremely involved with Model United Nation conferences at various high schools. At Prince William County MUN conference, I was awarded a Honorable award, comparable to 4th place. And in Chantilly High School MUN, I was awarded an Outstanding award, comparable to 2nd place. I also was instrumental in TJHSST's own MUN conference, handling crisis situations and other aspects of debate. I volunteered in the Dialysis Center at Georgetown Hospital last year, and will go back next year. I also am a leader in the local youth scholars program in a few elementary schools. In freshmen year I took Algebra 2, Computer Science, Spanish 2, Biology, Technology 9, English 9, and PE. In sophomore year, I took AP Biology, PreCalc, Spanish 3, World History 2, English 10, PE, Chemistry. Next year is Junior Year I am taking, AP Chemistry, AP Calculus AB, AP Psychology, and AP US History, Physics, English 11, and Energy Systems/Environmental Solutions. I play basketball and follow basketball with a passion.