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Sruveera Sathi

Senior at Chantilly High School

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I’m a rising senior at Chantilly high school. My overall GPA is 4.35 and my GPA for junior year is 4.678. I took 4 AP classes in junior year, AP Computer science, AP language, AP Calculus BC and AP Chemistry and earned an A in all 4 of them. Senior year, I will be taking multivariable calculus and 6 APs. My SAT Math 2 score is a perfect 800 and my SAT Chemistry score is a 770. My SAT score is a 2200.

I’m an officer for Science Olympiad and one of my favorite events was constructing a Rube Goldberg device which had to incorporate science related tasks to accomplish a final task. In the future, I hope to get into one of my dream universities and pursue engineering. I always like learning something new (I’m a huge nerd) and I hope to impart my knowledge to others as well. I enjoy playing tennis; I play for the varsity team at school, and watching soccer matches.